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One Exciting Live Stream Event

Thank you!

The giveaway has finished. We had an incredibly fun time with over 5k viewers from all around the world.

Thank you to all who watched and congrats to set winners!

Watch, Chat & Win!

(For future events)

This giveaway has ended, but there is much more fun to be had for future events.

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Thanks to our Sponsors!

Thanks to our gracious sponsors for paying for the shipping for all of the giveaway sets!
Please check out their names and links below.


  • Solax 3D Creations

  • Memphis Emporium

  • Unmasked Motherhood

  • TC Irons Insurance

  • Braille Skate

  • H-town bricks

  • A Dose of Bricks

  • Michelle Brooks

  • Sayre Family

  • Maggie Mae’s

  • Rob’s Bait and Tackle

Eligibility Requirements

Set giveaway participants must be able to meet the following criteria to be eligible to win:
  • Be legally allowed to win in the jurisdiction where you live
  • Have an account on one of the three available stream platforms
  • Watch the stream, starting 1pm Pacific, Saturday, January 15th 2022
  • Participate in live chat during stream per live instructions to be eligible to win
  • Submit contact form via BooneBuilds.com after stream end to initiate prize claim
  • Be able to prove ownership of the associated winning account upon request
  • Provide shipping address in any country to where I can legally ship
Failure to meet any one or more of the above criteria disqualifies participant. Prizes in these circumstances will be reused in future giveaways.

If any unforeseen shipping complications prevent us from shipping to a winner, we will do our best to offer an alternative prize of similar value.

Boone’s Epic Giveaway is neither sponsored nor endorsed by LEGO, YouTube, Facebook or Twitch.